Blueridge – BG-40 – Contemporary – Guitare folk (Import Royaume Uni)

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Blueridge BG-40 Contemporary

About Blueridge Guitars
You can’t go wrong with a Blueridge. A number of us at Hobgoblin have one of these… even Paul McCartney got one from us and plays it in his Dance Tonight video!

Blueridge have taken America by storm with their authentic vintage style dreadnought and auditorium guitars. No corners have been cut to keep thje price down, and the guitars speak for themselves in quality and playability.

Historic Series
These guitars are the pride of the pack. Everything about them shouts hand made quality until you see the price! They are all solid wood, sound fantastic, and have received brilliant reviews across the board.

Contemporary Series
This range offers outstanding value for money with authentic forward X bracing, solid Sitka spruce top and carved mahogany low profile neck.

Bristol guitars are made by Saga, the Blueridge people. The Bristol models benefit from many of the same features as Blueridge but at a cut down price.These have been an instant sucess with our shop customers.


  • Une guitare aux épaules arrondies avec une table en épicéa massif, une caisse en acajou et une touche en palissandre
  • Fabrication Blueridge Guitars, des guitares bluegrass vintage authentiques conçues aux USA
  • Table en épicéa de Sitka massif, corps avec épaules arrondies, dos et éclisses en acajou
  • Manche plat en acajou sculpté, jonction caisse/manche en queue d’aronde, sillets en os, mécaniques nickelées avec boutons imitation ivoire
  • Finition vintage « Sunburst » exclusive avec repères de touche en nacre et abalone, inserts de manche « Diamond Snowflake »


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